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Collaborative Workshop: Career Paths of Women – Training: Change of Perspective Job Application – Networking

On 12 October 2018, from 10:00 to 18:00, a workshop on career development of women took place at the University of Tübingen.
Vernetzungsworkshop Karrierewege von Frauen in der Wasserforschung

Within the framework of this workshop for young female scientists in the Water Research Network Baden-Württemberg, career paths of women having diverse backgrounds and working in different areas were presented. Strategies, successes and failures as well as challenges of the career path were jointly retraced and discussed. In addition, job interviews from the recruiter's point of view were analyzed and the participants received important impulses for their own job applications. Furthermore, there was sufficient time for networking.

Lecture programme: 

On one day, 6 women presented their career paths. They work in industry, authorities and in the field of academia. The lecturers described their successful strategies on the way to their current professions as well as the requirements imposed on them.

Group work change of perspective job application:

During the active phase of the workshop, small groups dealt with the application situation. In doing so, the participants slipped into the recruiter's role to get to know the typical structure and criteria of a job interview. Subsequently, small groups compiled questionnaires for job interviews and used them in role plays. This change of perspective was meant to show how you can optimally prepare and present yourself as applicant.

The workshop was organized by Prof. Carolin Huhn and Prof. Rita Triebskorn (University of Tübingen).